Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity

A Prestigious International Mission for Peace and Civilization

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity,  abbreviated DMPP, is an international lobbying organization which has among  its ranks many foreign politicians and diplomats, journalists, writers, artists and distinguished Albanian and foreign intellectuals with the aim to create powerful lobbies in western countries in support of the democratization, peace and prosperity of the countries under development.  Lobbying, Lobbying and only Lobbying for Peace! – this is the main mission of this organization …

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), is an international lobbying organization, accredited in UN, EU, USA, NATO, etc., in continuation of the projects of Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower, ideated by the late American Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to operate in the Balkans and the countries under development, registered in Tirana, supported by a group of Albanian and foreign diplomats.

The headquarters of this mission is located in Tirana and operates in The Republic of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and in many major countries around the world like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, etc.
This mission also operates in those countries where Albanian communities are concentrated with the aim to support the Albanian nation issues, as one of the most ancient and peace-loving nations in the world. So, DMPP operates in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, etc. This mission finds its roots in U.S.A, as a friendly and most powerful country that for more than a century has taken under protection the small Albania with its policies and diplomacy.


Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

Peace and Prosperity was the slogan of the presidential electoral campaign of 1956 used very successfully for the first time by the American President Dwight Eisenhower. With this peaceful leitmotif President Eisenhower won the  electoral campaign and used it as a movement during his presidency in help of third world countries which had come out of the Second World War even poorer and aspired for democracy.  This slogan was embraced later by many American presidents and senators who ideated many peace missions in help of the countries involved in the political and economical crisis. This motif was used and continues to be used by UN also in its missions for the protection of human rights and peace worldwide. The President John F. Kennedy, in 1961, with this motto urged the creation of US Peace Corps, whose volunteers operate still nowadays in more than 69 countries worldwide. They operate also in Albania. So, based on the experiences of the most distinguished American politicians and diplomats who have worked unsparingly for peace and prosperity, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as well together with a group of other diplomats worked for peace in the Balkans.

“Ideas remain ideas, remain idyllic dreams and nostalgia if they are not embraced by energetic people, with an action spirit”, –  repeated continuously the Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, this excellent diplomat, who worked with the great desire to see his project for peace and prosperity actualized also in Kosovo, Albania and whole Balkans. He followed and tried to accomplish in life one of the biggest dreams of mankind for global peace, just like the bright American President Abraham Lincoln, the Indian Leader Mahatma Gandhi, the African Mandela, etc.

Peace and Prosperity! – this the motto of DMPP worldwide, as well as in Albania.
The members of this mission, under the example of saint Mother Teresa, the great Albanian woman, who sacrificed her life in service of humanity, are committed as peace missionaries wherever there are crisis and natural disasters. They work as volunteers in humanitarian missions to save from the bad the people in difficulty and to offer the hope and peace, a better life. They work with such devotion also in Balkans as well as in Albania. They work and sacrifice aiming to represent the Democratic Albania in the eyes of the international opinion as a country with sustainable development, which has peace in its citizens’ genes. DMPP missionaries show the world that the Albanian people is an ancient and civilized  people  who works and  puts efforts for a better Balkans, a better Europe and a better World where only God’s Paradise dominates. The Albanian people through centuries has testified that it is a people who has peace in its genes. So, it is a peace missionary people. And this is strengthened in the best way possible by the work of DMPP peace missionaries in collaboration with Albanian missionaries.
It is known that peace is rooted in true love, in love toward God and toward each other … For this reason the mission is addressed to each citizen of the world by calling: Lobbying, Lobbying and only Lobbying for Peace!… This is exactly the axis of the message that DMPP transmits to the public social opinion in Albania, Balkans and wherever its missionaries are.
The mission members are prominent leaders from many different countries, from all fields of life and from all faiths, who have committed themselves to the Global Peace issue.


Flag of DMPP

This mission has two main objectives:

Firstly, the enlargement of the circle of foreign diplomats and politicians who will lobby for the improvement of the image of the countries which aspire for democracy, such as Albania, model of Peace and Prosperity for the troubled Balkans. Albania, despite of the long economical transition, because of the wrong policies of the clan politicians, can be taken as an example by all countries which aspire for Peace and Civilization, on the  name of God.  And this is being actualized by DMPP and its missionaries.

Secondly, DMPP missionaries perform the role of coordinator to assure funds for different projects in the field of culture, health, energy, etc., for the economical empowerment of the countries under development. The diplomatic staff lobbies beside the most powerful global leaders, such as the American ones, etc., who will provide the support of western countries, of the biggest capitals and foreign donors for the countries under development. So, DMPP works and lobbies by contributing this way in the sustainable economical and democratic development of countries such as Albania.
Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity aims to bring in its ranks prominent personalities of World Politics, Culture, Art, Literature, etc.., especially Diplomacy personalities, with the objective to create a powerful lobby in support of small countries like  Albania. DMPP aims to create continuous support of national issues of the countries just coming out of dictatorship, political and economical crisis and natural disasters.
Administration of human values, coordination, consultation, negotiation, mediation and lobbying for Peace and Progress, this is the goal and the essence of this mission’s activity. Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, through its activity, aims to achieve also many other objectives like:
Re-dimensioning the image of  countries like Albania, trampled country during the  former Albanian communist dictatorship.

Every DMPP missionary has the duty to play the role of a model Ambassador in the eyes of international opinion and foreign diplomacy to exalt the cultural values and national issue of each people which is inspired in its own development by the model of American diplomacy.

One of the duties of the missionaries who cover the fields of culture is also the selection, publication and propagation of the best works which are traversed by the message of peace. Concretely, in Albania, there are propagated  as a sign of gratitude, world personalities’ works in the fields of albanology, diplomacy, culture, politics, etc.., which have contributed and are still contributing to the recognition of Albanian values treasures by world opinion. The same way it is operated in every country and with every culture which is inspired by the motifs of peace.

Another task that DMPP missionaries have, is the selection, translation into foreign languages such as English, French etc., publication and propagation of national masterpieces of every nation who works for peace, same like the Albanian nation. The published works are put at disposal of peace missionaries and peace benevolent global personalities, aiming to create new peace-loving lobbies. DMPP, taking as a model the Albanian nation, works for the co-citizens of Albanians in Diaspora and in Albanian communities worldwide to be transformed into peace missionaries. This way they are fed with the idea of the expansion of knowledge on Albania and the Albanian nation.
The production of television documentaries on the life and work of Albanian personalities who have contributed for peace in the world and vice versa for the global personalities who help Balkans, Albania and other countries under development, this is another goal which the DMPP missionaries work for.

Shefki Hysa

Ambassador Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of DMPP

The encouragement of the talented youth to study in the best world universities as well as the specialization of young talents and intellectuals in the field of diplomacy and international relations, with the aim of creating new generations that will lobby for continuous improvement of the image of the countries that love peace, this is a continuous goal of DMPP missionaries . They work with devotion to provide technical assistance to new talents and intellectuals  in order to create a future generation of trained missionaries as diplomats and as members of the lobby of the future, to neatly assimilate the talent of lobbying through cooperation with professional lobbyists of the Western world and especially with the best U.S. specialists.
DMPP aims the employment of as many talented boys and girls as possible of the peace-loving people, like Albanians, in the public administration of each democratic country, in Western countries’ administrations and multinational companies, which determine the fate of world politics and economy, especially in western foreign diplomatic representations. DMPP missionaries work that new peace missionaries from Albania, Kosovo and Balkans will be the future diplomats of the diplomatic representations in the main countries worldwide.  So, peace-loving missionaries and bureaucratic non-officials shall be diplomats and ambassadors of peoples and cultures that are leaded by love and peace.

In conclusion, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity and its missionaries all over the world, have been committed to the creation of more powerful lobbies with world personalities in support of democratic developments of countries like Albania, Balkans countries, like all the countries where it is worked for according to the model of the American democracy which inspires integrity, dignity, progress and civilization just like America itself, Europe and other advanced countries. .
Lobbying, Lobbying and only Lobbying for Peace! …

Dr. Shefki Hysa


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